Private Island Adventures with Cuvée //

Private Island Adventures with Cuvée...

Ever been to a private island?? Whelp me either until Cuvée recently took me on the best trip of my life!!

Straight off the plane we landed on North Eleuthera, a neighboring island to Royal Island, as we were getting some brief history about the island we stopped on this skinny little bridge and were told to look on both sides, one side was the Atlantic Ocean and the other side was the Caribbean Sea! This was honestly one of the coolest things I have seen with my own eyes so of course I had to throw the drone up in the air to get this amazing view from above! From Eleuthera Island we took a quick boat ride over to Royal Island, our home for the next few days.

As we pulled up to Royal Island, you could see the bottom of the ocean floor from the boat, with crystal clear water as far as the eyes can see I was already about to cry I was so happy.
We pulled up to the private dock and were greeted with the most amazing tropical drinks (I might have had 2 or 3). Royal Island is something I have never experienced before, a 430-acre oasis featuring ultra-luxe intimate beachfront villas, private beach club and spa, private pool, boat fleet, private chefs for all meals of the day, and my favorite part JET SKIIS! You could spend weeks here and not get to do everything there is! The staff here were so nice and accommodating with all our needs, I'd never felt more like royalty.
We headed to our rooms to find the most luxurious villas right on the beach, with a wrap around deck, king size bed, bathtub, you want to know what heaven is like, it's these villas! With our first day already almost over we ended the night with an amazing meal prepared by the private chef who curated meals featuring seasonal and locally purveyed dishes catering to all special diets (huge plus!)

We woke up the next day to the most beautiful sunrise, actual cotton candy skies, blue water, it was truly something I wish I could wake up to every morning and have my cup of coffee with. We enjoyed some amazing morning yoga and were off to a fun breakfast spot!

Have you ever had breakfast on a sandbar?? Me either!! Truly a bucketlist moment when we pulled up to the most insane sandbar with untouched sand as far as the eye could see! We enjoyed amazing food and drinks to kick start the day. We jetted off (literally) on the jetskiis to a little patch of reef and snorkeled for a few hours and then hopped back on the boat for our next adventure.
The boat stopped at what looked like the middle of the ocean, then we looked over and saw a really cool shipwreck! We jumped in the water and got to explore around this 300 ft boat that sank over 50 years ago.

If you thought I was done with all the fun we had, you were mistaken! Just a quick boat ride away from Royal Island, we headed over to Meeks Patch Island aka PIG ISLAND!!!!! Oh my gosh has this been at the top of my bucketlist for ever!! Not only are the pigs the cutest thing I have ever seen but I never knew they were such good swimmers, they ran into the water to greet us and come gets some food!! There was a little baby pig that literally wanted to be held so I guess this makes me a pig mom now?? My heart was so happy after getting to spend time with such fun animals!

So what is Cuvée?? A little about Cuvée, they take care of the entire trip for you so you don't have to life a finger! They create a fully immersive, personalized experience by coordinating all activities like private yoga classes, meditation, stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling, ATV-ing, and other unique experiences to fit any type of vacation you want! The personalized concierge services book in all your activities and make it so easy and relaxing to just sit back and enjoy all the fun. Cuvée curates the world’s most elevated travel experiences by connecting guests to their surroundings through couture design and architecture, exceptionally tailored guest planning, and immersive singular cultural experience. Ideal space for multi-generation family gatherings, large groups of friends or corporate retreats enjoying an authentic Bahamian experience!

For more information about Cuvée click HERE to book!

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